Mattermost (Slack alternative) launched, Zulip to come soon!

Dexter Chua, Matias Silva, 23 July, 2020
mattermost announcement

The SRCF is excited to announce its most recent addition to its arsenal of services. We’ve officially launched our Mattermost service, an open-core team communication tool, designed to be an alternative to Slack and MS Teams. Any member of the University can sign up for free and create a team for their group or society.

The current SRCF committee is already using Mattermost for internal communication, and we also have an open srcf team for general chat and internal project work. We’d really love it if you could join us and say hello.

This is how Mattermost looks like, its UI is intuitive and friendly to the eye – cool!

Mattermost screenshot

With the move to remote learning in Michaelmas, the SRCF has been brainstorming tools that it can provide for the university community. So far, we have launched free video conferencing and Mattermost but we are also looking into providing alternative chat platforms such as Zulip and Matrix. Let us know if you are interested in anything and if so, don’t hesitate to get involved!